Visit The Pittsburgh Glass Center

Are you searching for something different to do? Then head to the Pittsburgh Glass Center.

It's one of the world's foremost glass art facilities and features tours and exciting hands-on experiences.

Pittsburgh Glass was established in 2001 by artists Ron Desmett and Kathleen Mulcahy. Their mission was to create a place that would cultivate community and foster economic growth.

The center is open daily, and it's an easy drive from our Cranberry Woods apartments. Highlights include:


See one of the world's best designed and well-equipped hot shops. It features 1,000-pound Wet Dog invested pot furnaces and a range of pipes and hand tools. Many renowned artists have worked here including David Salvadore and Dante Marioni.


The demonstration and tour is a one-hour guided adventure featuring a narrated glassblowing or flameworking demonstration. The artists make the pieces from start to finish. Afterward, you'll learn about Pittsburgh's little-known, rich glassmaking history.


The artists enjoy teaching students about the beauty, versatility, and science of glass. They offer everything from fifteen-minute Make-it-Now workshops to full eight-week sessions. Choices include:

Hot Glass Blowout

Hot Glass Blowout is a one-day workshop that's offered at different times throughout the year. Students start with a paperweight, and learn how to gather, shape, and manipulate molten glass.

Screen Printed Coasters

Make screen printed coasters that are sure to be conversation pieces. The patterns are provided, and you'll work with sheet and powdered glass in a rainbow of colors. This class lasts two hours, and the coasters are both decorative and functional.

The Pittsburgh Glass Center is just one of the premier attractions near our apartments in Cranberry Township, PA. If you would like to become a resident of our community, please contact us. We will gladly show you all we have to offer.