Succop Nature Park is a Premier Bird Watching Destination

An easy drive from our Cranberry apartments is a scenic destination featuring fifty acres of woodlands, fields, and ponds.

We're talking about Succop Nature Park, and it's open year-round from dusk to dawn.

The park is where visitors come to bird watch, and species that may be spotted include:


Blue-winged warblers are well-proportioned with small, pointed bills. Males feature yellow-green feathers above and two obvious wing bars on blue-gray wings. Females are paler and display a less defined eye line. These birds typically forage upside down for insects, and they join flocks with mixed species during migration. Listen for their raspy bee buzz song and the quiet chip sound they make while in flight.


Medium in size, red-bellied woodpeckers are black-and-white barred with pale undersides. They frequent eastern woodlands and forests where they're spotted picking bark on large trees. Red-bellied woodpeckers make kwirr and churr sounds, as well as a throaty growl when they're close to other birds.


Small and compact, yellow-bellied flycatchers are yellowish overall with two whitish wing bars. They're quick fliers, and when perched, they nervously turn their heads and sometimes flick their tails. Both males and females sing a rising whistled tu-wee song reminiscent of Eastern wood pewees.


Ovenbirds are chunky warblers that are identified by their olive green feathers and spotted undersides. These creatures walk with jerky movements, and they spend much of their time on the ground foraging. Ovenbirds are one of the only songbirds that habitually sing in the heat of the afternoon. Listen for their tea-cher call.

The park offers free naturalist-led bird walks on Thursday mornings. Birders of all skill levels are welcome to join in the fun.

If you would like to live near Succop Nature Park and other outdoor destinations, please contact us. We will gladly give you a tour of The Pendleton where you can see firsthand all we have to offer.