Embark on Treetop Adventures at Go Ape

Imagine soaring through the sky, your heart pounding, or balancing on walkways high above the forest floor, while you grip the rope guides. That's what you'll be able to do at Go Ape near our Cranberry, PA apartments.


Only a half hour drive from Cranberry, Go Ape! is much more than just zip lines, it's a two to three hour tree top adventure. There are swings, suspended obstacles and zip lines to keep you breathless and focused completely in the moment. You'll feel like a monkey as you jump, reach, and climb through the aerial experience.


A guide will accompany your group the entire time and make sure everyone is safe. You'll complete challenging courses, as you make your way through the forest canopy. But, don't stress too much about your abilities, all fitness levels are welcome. As long as you can climb a rope, you should be able to complete the course. Friends and family are welcome to watch from the forest floor, as you voyage through the air, but better yet, encourage everyone to join.


Go Ape's mission is to get others to live life adventurously and it's the perfect way to get over your fears. When was the last time you really lived and did something brave? You'll leave with a thrilling sense of accomplishment and a new appreciation for the great outdoors.


Make your weekend an adventure. Only a short drive from Cranberry Township, Go Ape! is located at 991 Tennis Court Rd, in Allison Park. They're open rain or shine, so check the weather before you leave and dress accordingly. Our local course is open only to ages ten and up, but if there are small ones in your group and you don't mind travel, there are further locations with a smaller course built for all ages. Browse their website for more information or to book your adventure.   For more ideas about things to do in Cranberry or about our lovely homes, contact us.