Have A Serious Sweet Tooth? Visit Flour and Sugar Cakery Today!

A new year is here, bringing tons of reasons for celebration--birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and an endless variety of festivities. Fantastic food is at the heart of every special event, which is why you'll want to make a quick trip over to Flour and Sugar Cakery. You'll find a stellar selection of gourmet cakes and cupcakes at this delightful bakery, which is sure to become your go-to spot for any special occasion in 2019.

Flour and Sugar Cakery is hailed as one of the best bakeries near our apartments in Cranberry, PA. Home to numerous exquisite cakes, this sweet spot has received numerous awards including the Cranberry Eagle's Community Choice Awards for Best Bakery and Best Cupcakes. The shop has also been favorably featured in publications such as Good Food Pittsburgh and Trib Live.


Andrea Drevna Lutz is the mastermind behind the magical confections adorning the counters and cases at Flour and Sugar Cakery. The beautiful shop and the lovely creations inside of it were inspired by Lutz's grandmother, who fostered an early love of baking through countless lessons and hours spent in the family kitchen.

Lutz has a passion for baking and enjoys discovering new flavor combinations, using only the finest ingredients to create unique cakes that will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth.


The cupcake menu at Flour and Sugar Cakery boasts an extensive selection of flavors, although they are not all available on a daily basis. Guests are encouraged to check the bakery's Facebook page for a daily listing.

Flavors range from classics like red velvet and key lime to seasonal concoctions such as gingerbread, sugar plum, hot cocoa, and pumpkin spice. Loyal visitors just can't get enough of exceptional treats like the sweet and savory maple bacon cupcake and the light, refreshing lemon blueberry cupcake.

In addition to delectable cupcakes, Flour and Sugar Cakery offers incredible cakes for any occasion. Lutz is not only an incredible baker but an artist as well. Her cakes are gorgeous creations bursting with color and marvelous designs. The possibilities at this bakery are endless, from classic, sophisticated designs for anniversary parties to cute themes for children's birthdays and everything in between.

Flour and Sugar Cakery is the place to go to find gorgeous cakes for all of your special events. You don't have to wait for your next event to visit the little shop, however--hurry over now to treat yourself to a delicious gourmet cupcake! Please feel free to Contact us to learn about all of the amazing dining options near your home in Cranberry.

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