Enjoy Pretzel Saturdays at The Two Fraus Bakery

Located 15 minutes from The Pendleton in historic downtown Harmony, The Two Fraus Bakery is a local favorite that features handmade pretzels every Saturday.


The Two Fraus Bakery is quick to proclaim "brot ist lieb" at any opportunity. German for "bread is love," it's a slogan the bakers at Two Fraus Bakery have taken to heart. With a charming European-style storefront and an irresistible aroma of fresh-baked pastries, stepping into the bakery on Mercer Street is like being welcomed into a bread lover's paradise.


In business since 2016, The Two Fraus Bakery focuses on family recipes rooted in German and Hungarian traditions. Most products are made from natural, organic ingredients and rustic favorites like seeded wheat bread, rye bread (with or without caraway seeds), and an ancient grain bread featuring wheat, oat, kamut, and teff are top-sellers.


Besides bread, the bakery offers an assortment of cookies, muffins, and other treats, many with a decidedly European-bent. Pfeffernuesse (a German spice cookie), molasses crinkle cookies, tea-inspired butter shortbread cookies, and a variety of biscottis are all part of the regular menu.

In addition to the standing menu items, The Two Fraus Bakery frequently introduces special seasonal treats. From spring-themed fruit tarts to festive Fourth of July firecracker cookie pops, no two visits are exactly the same.


Pretzels occupy a special place on The Two Fraus Bakery menu. Regionally renowned, the bakery's soft German-style pretzels are available on Saturdays only and have developed a devoted following. Offered in a variety of flavors, the pretzels are made fresh and curious visitors are invited not only to enjoy eating them but to observe how they are made.

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