Health-Conscious Eateries in Cranberry, PA

Cranberry Township certainly provides some tasteful dining options for the health-minded individual. We've rounded up some of our favorites, just a short distance from the Pendleton:

First Watch: The Daytime Cafe

Conveniently located on Route 19, First Watch is a rare sort of restaurant chain, one which has devoted itself to offering seasonal and local ingredients. A perennial favorite for breakfast and lunch, you'll be welcomed by the chalkboards scribed with messages of empowerment. Here's a recent one: "An arrow can only be released first by pulling it back. When life pulls you back, it means you're launching into something amazing." The uplifting and light-filled atmosphere of First Watch is completed by its nourishing foods; we feel especially energized by the A.M. Superfoods bowl, decadent yet healthy, it's a coconut milk chia seed pudding textured with fruit and house-made granola. Head to First Watch to power you through a Saturday at the gym or pool.


Situated in the Streets of Cranberry shopping center, you'll walk into Houlihan's and be blown away by its raised ceiling and golden lighting scheme. With flexible seating that allows you to sit in the restaurant area, bar or patio, come to Houlihan's for date night, with a group of friends, or just to treat yourself. While Houlihan's doesn't specifically bill itself as a healthy eatery, you'll find suitably healthy choices such as the Tuscan White Bean Salad, House-Made Veggie Burger, and a few exotic sides like Charred Pineapple Brown Rice.

Aladdin's Eatery

Since the Mediterranean diet is lauded for extending the lives of its adherents, a trip to Aladdin's just might further you along towards that goal. The atmosphere is decorated with a blend of warm wood and warm colors; it provides a comfortable backdrop for a family lunch or catch-up with the people you care about. Located in the Cranberry shopping complex, Aladdin's offers plenty of salads with bright flavors, such as the Lebanese Salata: chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, scallions, onions, and parsley tossed with an EVOO and lemon juice dressing. Try a Vegetarian Rolled Pita with grape leaves and you'll be very happy that you came here.

Here at the Pendleton, we value your health, with amenities that include a 2-story fitness room, outdoor heated pool, and low VOC paint and carpet. Contact us to learn more about enjoying the good life in Cranberry!