Explore Local History Near Cranberry

As one of the nation's 13 founding states, Pennsylvania has a renowned history that led to the establishment of the United States. From the signing of the Declaration of Independence to the Battle of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania is a state brimming with historical sites to explore. The area in and around Cranberry also has a rich past with some great sites to visit to learn about the impact of local history and how it shaped life today. Here are a few worth exploring:


Located next to the Cranberry Township Municipal Center, the Sample One-Room Schoolhouse dates back to 1874. This original schoolhouse is one of six that served students in the area in the late 19th century and stands today as an example of how different school life was at that time. This single room building was typical of that era, having kids of all ages in the same classroom with one individual teacher. A docent is available during all open hours at the schoolhouse, allowing visitors to get detailed information about life in that era.


Found just outside of Cranberry, the Harmony Museum is a great place to discover the history of the area. The Harmony Museum encompasses eight properties and also includes access to two historic cemeteries and a meetinghouse. Guests can view authentic artifacts from that time period as well as attend presentations that detail historical local events such as George Washington's 1753 mission through the area prior to the French and Indian War.


Railroads played an important role in the expansion of the country and at the Mars Train Station, visitors can discover the historical significance first hand. Located in nearby Mars, this train station dates back to 1897 and includes original items used from that time. Visitors also have the opportunity to explore an authentic caboose that was used in the early 1900's.

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